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Natural gas availability and reliability problems create industrial havoc in many parts of the world. Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) is a potential solution. SNG is a blend of LPG and air that provides nearly identical combustion characteristics to natural gas. SNG and NG can be used interchangeably or blended together with NG. No burner, regulator or orifice adjustments are necessary to the consuming equipment. Fuel interchange-ability remains seamless. SNG has a higher specific gravity than natural gas. Consequently, less SNG flow through a pipe or orifice compared to natural gas given the same pressure drops. It is compensated for reduced volumetric flow by increasing the calorific value of the SNG. In other words, since less SNG flows through the pipe than NG Рthe SNG must contain a higher heating value. Accordingly, the SNG system provides with the same Wobbe Value (i.e. energy flow) as the natural gas it is replacing or imitating. We offer design and installation both standardized and customized modular SNG systems.


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