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LPG Storage And Filling Plant

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We provides comprehensive services on design, engineering & supply of LPG Bottling projects with Storage tank terminal. These plants can be designed as per clients’ requirements for different filling capacities and varying degrees of automation. 
Standard Installations comprise of :
– LPG storage tanks with Ladder Gantry & Platform and Safety Fittings
– LPG Pumps & Compressor
– Electronic LPG filling machine – Electronic manual or with Carousel Equipped with automatic cylinder centralizing system, 1 inlet and 1 outlet automatic, introduction and ejection devices, individual PLC for each filling post  responsible for managing all operations, interconnected with central unit and other necessary accessories for perfect filling cylinders, monitoring  all all process parameters of quality, weighing, repeatability, productivity and security
– Inline Electronic Check scale ,weight correction unit with conveyor
– Purging unit & evacuation
– Pneumatic Operating systems
– Safety fittings with Remote operated valves, Mass Flow Meter and fittings, Pressure Transmitter / Switch POP valves &  gauges High level Cut off and Level Gauge, Gas Leak Detector & Mass  Flow Meters.


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